The Algorithm

With its innovative trend following model, allgorite outperforms the forecasting quality of conventional investment algorithms. The results of allgorite have an exceptionally high success rate.

Investment algorithms are usually based on technical analysis methods: Assuming that markets are fully rational, recurring patterns or conditions are processed into forecasts of future market developments. With its innovative and extremely complex algorithm, allgorite overcomes the limitations of conventional trend following models.

The allgorite approach

Price trends and trading dynamics are influenced not only by the rationality of the market, but also by human factors. Thus, allgorite takes the fact into account that many market movements are influenced by subjective decisions. Classic forecast models fail in the face of such “irrational” influences. Investors learned this from bitter experience in the wake of the financial crisis. With its approach, developed over years, allgorite goes far beyond the limits of classical technical analysis. Our trend following model also incorporates the latest findings of behavioral economics. Its rating criteria take into account probability and risk assessments as well as habit trends and physical analogies. allgorite therefore combines the best of two worlds. This allows for a much more precise prognosis of future market movements and price trends.

The allgorite process

allgorite filters out predictable developments and trends from the seemingly unmanageable flood of market-relevant information. It then uses a multi-step analysis procedure to distill it into reliable buy signals.

allgorite´s filter process

Even skeptics are convinced by the results: We provide our customers with precise buy recommendations for the U.S. stock market – if you like on a daily basis. Further details are available at: Products & prices. Although allgorite can not guarantee that each of the recommendations will be a success, allgorite has an exceptionally high success rate. See also Performance results.


You should remember to consider every piece of investment information you receive, here or elsewhere, not as a de facto recommendation, but as an idea for further consideration.